Title: Floathouse (2015)

Length: 10:17 mins

Genre: Thriller


Eric and Nikki decided to take a holiday away from the busy city and find their way to a floathouse deep in the jungle. What they didn't know is that someone else has been taking a holiday there as well, perhaps a bit too long.


Role: Scriptwriter/Director/DOP/Editor/Producer

Talk About Last Night (2015)

Length: 4:13 mins

Genre: Romantic/Thriller


People are at their best behavior on dates, usually. This is no usual date.


Role: Scriptwriter/Director/DOP/Editor/Producer

The Interrogation (2014)

Length: 4:24 mins

Genre: Comedy/New Media Satire/Skit/Spoof


Unusual interrogation methods are used to push an Asian guy to reveal vital information. 


Role: Director/DOP/Editor/Producer

Heart of Siam (2012)

Length: 9:01 mins

Genre: Drama


After having moved to the other side of the world, Ollie explores Bangkok and meets a new friend. 


Role: Director/DOP/Editor

Long Way Home (2012)

Length: 26:10 mins

Genre: Action/Thriller


When his girlfriend is kidnapped for illegal experiments, Jake must use his skills and wit to get her back. 


Role: Scriptwriter/Director/DOP/Editor/Producer

The Other World (2012)

Length: 40:45 mins

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure


A young boy opens a portal to another dimension using a magnifying glass made by his grandfather.


Role: Scriptwriter/Director


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